Swalcliffe Park is run by Swalcliffe Park School Trust which is a registered charity. Our board of Governors is made up of dedicated volunteers from our local community, two parent Governors and staff Governors. 

The board of Governors meets on a half termly basis for a full day when they focus on the strategic development of the school.  Best practice sharing and discussions with staff and students take place at these meetings and the day has five sessions which focus on the following and which are directly related to our work around Quality of Life and the 4 ‘Whys’

• Working With Students
• Working With Families
• Working With Partners
• Business Development
• Working With Resources

This whole day event is also supplemented by a ‘Resources’ working group which meets once per half term to provide more detailed scrutiny of financial matters, staffing and site related issues.

Goals of Governance

The purpose of governance at Swalcliffe Park is to provide confident, outward looking strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for all aspects of operational performance within the organisation. The Board of Governors have four core functions or goals:

  1. To ensure appropriate minimum standards are maintained and exceeded for example in relation to safeguarding, health and safety, Ofsted and financial management, and to monitor operational and contextual data.
  2. To ensure provision, progress and outcomes across the 4 Whys are monitored and informed by Quality of Life information and student voice. To ensure family support is informed by Family Quality of Life information and family voice.
  3. To ensure the organisation has clarity of vision and remains committed to innovation and developing and sharing best practice.
  4. To ensure all policies are fit for purpose, up to date and contextualised in current best practice and guidance

Further Information

If you would like further information on how Governance works at Swalcliffe Park or would like a rewarding and enjoyable role as a Governor, please contact Paula Protherough, Chair of Governors email:

Governance is outstanding. Governors share the same ambition and drive as the senior team. (Ofsted)

In addition to the half termly whole day meetings, there are a range of Governor monitoring activities throughout the year. These might include school based learning walks, spending social time with students, meeting with families, monitoring accounts, monitoring the safer recruitment process and health and safety and safeguarding checks.