Quality of Life

The young people we work with tell us that life with autism at home and at school can be very challenging. Their parents confirm this when they tell us about the impact of autism on family life.

We agree with the Autism Education Trust who say that everyone with autism is entitled to a good education and a good quality of life. At Swalcliffe Park we believe that different thinking is needed in order to help improve the quality of life or our students and their families.

Our approach involves helping out students to develop their sense of who they are and who they want to be. We support them to improve their independence and social intuition and to maintain their health and well-being.   We do this by providing outstanding education and care with a focus on 4 main strands: Communication, Self-Management, Independence and Achievement.

We work closely with families to make sure that the outcomes we are aiming for are highly valued by all.


No students leave the school without entering employment, further training or education. (Ofsted)