The 4 'Whys'

We believe that the best way to prepare our students for their futures is to help them develop attitudes, skills and knowledge in:-

  • Communication
  • Independence
  • ​Self-Management ​
  • Achievement

These four areas drive the work and development of the school. They define why we do what we do. We call them our 4 ‘Whys’.


Social communication, formal communication, empathy, relationships

We show our students how to build and value positive relationships.

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Care, Safety, Community, Life Skills

We work with families to prepare our students for life

The Independence curriculum offers a variety of activities and opportunities, designed to enable students to develop their independence and self-advocacy skills in a range of settings.

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Self-awareness, Behaviour, Sensory Regulation, Physical & Emotional Health

We understand each student’s individuality. We help them to understand themselves

We give special emphasis to Self-management strategies to reflect the complexity of needs associated with our students’ ASDs. Our multi-disciplinary approach involves staff from Education, Residential Care and Therapy.


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Academic, Vocational, Special Interests, Sport / Music / Community

We create opportunities for each student to flourish.

We offer an extensive range of curricular activities throughout the school day, into the evenings and at weekends. By following personalised learning pathways, students plan and prepare for their futures beyond Swalcliffe Park School.


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