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    View Our Ofsted Reports Swalcliffe Park School

    The school is regularly inspected by Ofsted for its Education provision and Care provision.

    Swalcliffe Park School is inspected annually by the government Ofsted inspectors. We are proud of our inspection history and our Ofsted rating. We believe inspections play a vital role in helping guide and direct our school development and strategy their support for what we are doing and recommendations for improvement are valued.

    Our last inspection was in March 2023 when Swalcliffe Park was rated outstanding for the overall experiences and progress of children and young people.

    The Inspection report says “Students make exceptional progress at the school. Many of the students have experienced unstable and disrupted education prior to admission. Students benefit from the excellent support provided by multidisciplinary teams across the school, external professionals and families. Staff and students share a deeply embedded ethos which centres on the ‘Quality of Life’ approach. Students are supported to set ambitious aims and goals for their futures. They then work closely with dedicated staff to achieve outstanding outcomes, including university placements, college and employment. Students also make transformative progress in their emotional, social and personal development.”

    At Swalcliffe Park School we were particularly pleased that the inspectors felt our quality of life approach was a real benefit.

    Inspectors said Students are assigned a dedicated key worker at the point of admission. This relationship often lasts from the very start of the child’s time at the school to the point of departure. The key worker also forms a vital link between families and the school. The strength of relationships between families, children and staff is the cornerstone of the success of the school’s approach.

    Parents express high levels of trust and belief in what the school is able to achieve for their children. Parent feedback is universally positive. A parent said: ‘The school has changed my son’s life. He now has a positive future due to the opportunities made open to him and through the school’s support in both his educational and social needs. The school is excellent in every respect, as are the staff.’ This is indicative of all parents’ comments received during the inspection.”

    We are particularly pleased that inspectors note our quality-of-life approach. We passionately believe in building student, family, and school quality of life. This is a partnership that utilises the process we have honed and are sharing more widely to help the wider autistic community.




    Collaborative work between care, education and health professionals has provided young  people with the best possible opportunities to grow and develop and they reach their full  potential. (Ofsted)