Update on Quality of Life

A huge thank you to those of you who completed the QoL surveys again at the end of the summer term. As on previous occasions the responses have provided us with some extremely valuable insights on how we can support students and families in more helpful ways.

As a result of what we have learned over the past year we have made some changes for this school year. These include the creation of two new whole school roles, one for Independence and one for Key-working.

The Independence coordinator, Laura Oliver, is now delivering independence topics during the school day as well as out of school, and using the QoL responses to help target her sessions. We also hope that the review of the key-working role for all students will help all students and families to feel more confident about having a named person at school who can be a first point of contact for any issues that may be of interest or concern.

We will be interested in your views on the impact of these new roles to families and students.

Over the past year we also used responses to target Communication and Self-Management themes across the school for students. These appear to have paid dividends as we can see from the data that 75-96% of students reported feeling happy (79%), healthy (88%) and empowered (79%). We will take account of specific issues that individual students have raised through the new key-working arrangements and our therapy support.

From a families perspective we ran a number of workshop events for parents and these seem to have coincided with a decrease in parental concerns relating to anxiety and sensory issues displayed at home. We will continue to offer workshops at future whole school events based on the collective responses we receive, and to support individual families through the new key working arrangements.

Thank you again for providing us with a wealth of data. We are planning to compile some of the QoL results obtained from parents and students in another poster to illustrate trends, discrepancies and future actions.