Update on Quality of Life

The results of our last data collection reveal that overall our students seem to be very positive about most aspects of their lives:

88% feel satisfied with their life; a rise of 11%
91% feel satisfied with their achievements; a rise of 14%
91% feel they can make a plan of action and follow it up; a rise of 14%
94% feel they live a healthy life style; a rise of 15%
88% feel they get the support they need: similar to last time.

We saw a rise in the number of students feeling stressed which would appear to be directly related to mock and GCSE exams. Universal provision for Self-Management was aligned to this issue.

We have been able to use the Family Quality of Life (FQoL) data collected at the end of the Spring Term to help us to develop some of our ideas for the Family Forum that we are looking to set up and to rethink whole school events such as Sports Day. Rob Leigh, Head of Care and Family Support will be hosting a discussion on Family Open Day for anybody interested in sharing their thoughts on how the Family Forum can develop. We plan to post a range of resources and websites for families to access relevant services and information on our school website. However, individual family issues will continue to be managed on an individual basis. The new key working arrangements for September will also make it easier for us to follow up any issues you raise with us through the questionnaire.

We will be sending out the surveys again in the week commencing 25th June and really hope you will be able to find the time to fill it in.  The more replies we get the more we are able to think about how we can best help all families as well as addressing individual issues and concerns family by family.  Many thanks in advance.

We are receiving increasing amount of interest in our quality of life framework from other schools and researchers and are being asked to present our findings at a range of conferences nationally and internationally, the next one being in Prague at the end of July.