Swalcliffe Park Services

We are delighted to announce that as part of Swalcliffe Park Services we are now able to offer Autism assessments and diagnosis. Autism assessments are carried out by our team of specialist clinicians at our assessment centre based at school.

The assessment process is led by Dr Chris Morrell, our Clinical Psychologist and Sue Moon, our Speech and Language Therapist. Both Chris and Sue have long associations with the school and specialise in, and have a wealth of experience working with and assessing young people with autism and social communication difficulties.

Our assessment room (pictured above) provides a calm and comforatable setting for children, young people and families to relax and engage in the assessment process. Assessments can also take place in the family home if this is a preferable option.
For more information please contact Dr Chris Morrell on cmorrell@swalcliffepark.co.uk