Sharing Best Practice

Recently we hosted the inaugural Action Research group meeting as a follow up to the National Association of Special Schools (NASS) conference in October. Clare Dorer, CEO of NASS chaired this first meeting. Feedback has been very positive and they plan to schedule more meetings in the future. Chris Heslip, Rob Leigh, Jenny Dando, Paul Catherall and Kiran Hingorani were all invited to present aspects of the action research they have been involved in.

We also hosted a Quality of Life workshop for Special schools interested in learning more about our Quality of Life framework and how they may be able to implement aspects of it in their schools.  It was a pleasure to welcome the following schools at our first workshop: Brook Green Centre for Learning (Plymouth) High Grange School (Derby) Linwood School (Bournemouth) and Milford School (Plymouth).

On Friday 13th July Rob Leigh, Head of Care and Family Support, Jenny Dando, SaLT and Chris Heslip, Assistant Head of Education will attend an Action Research Conference at the University of Gloucestershire where they will present on the School based action research projects featured in our publication, Different Thinking, Brighter Futures.  If you would like a copy of this publication, please get in touch with the Marketing Department, email: