Student Voice

Giving Everyone a Voice

The views and opinions of the young people at Swalcliffe Park are very important to us. We provide a variety of channels for students to communicate their views and opinions.  

These include:

• key working sessions
• school council meetings
• tutor group surveys
• residential house meetings
• informal day to day discussions with staff and between students

Student Voice is personalised and amplified when students complete ‘Quality of Life in Autism’ questionnaires to tell us how they are doing.

The Student Council meets every half term to discuss a range of issues important to the students and the staff. A student compiles and chairs the meeting on a rotational basis and any suggestions coming out of our school council meetings are fed directly into the meeting of the Full Governing Body where we discuss how we can act on their suggestions through the School Improvement Planning process.


Students take their responsibilities extremely seriously and debate their concerns and plans with notable confidence and conviction. (Ofsted)