Beyond Swalcliffe

Dealing with change can be daunting for any pupil. For our students, even carefully planned changes can be distressing and leaving school is an inevitable and challenging transition that must be faced by each one. With this in mind we go to great lengths to make sure that every leaving student experiences a personalised, well-planned and sensitively-supported transition to his next destination.

Many of our students leave us to continue their education, usually at colleges close to home but in some cases at mainstream schools or even university. Others take up apprenticeships or employment.

We believe, however, that the success of our transition planning arrangements involves more than student destinations. We are keen to ensure that all students move onto the next phase of their education, training or career with sufficient knowledge and skills but also with confidence, resilience and the right attitude to succeed. This requires more than the ability to pass an exam or complete an assignment. This is all about making progress in Communication, Independence, Self-Management and Achievement to become confident, independent problem-solvers.


No students leave the school without entering employment, further training or education. (Ofsted)