Quality of Life latest news

First of all another big thank you to all of you who completed the last QoL survey, as on previous occasions the information has been very helpful to us. We also hope that the new key-working arrangements, which we put in place in September, are now beginning to take effect and that you feel able to discuss more of your issues as part of your regular home school communication.   Below you will find an update on what the QoL information has revealed.

Student QoL
Students report an improving picture with respect to conversation, anxiety and sensory issues, with all three areas becoming less problematic over time. Parents also report that these three areas are becoming less of an issue for the family. This is very encouraging and we think that this trend reflects a genuine improvement in students’ knowledge and skills in these areas.

It is interesting to note that students report that socialising and independence in daily living activities are more problematic than previously, suggesting a worsening picture. However, parents report that both areas are much less problematic at home. We think that this can be explained by students becoming more aware of the issues they face with socialising and being independent and/or recognising the importance of these areas as they prepare for adult life. Over the past year our work at school has had a major focus on developing these areas because they were highlighted previously by parents through their QoL surveys as being significant issues at home. At the beginning of last academic year 76% of parents identified socialising as being a major problem and 83% reported that independence with daily living tasks was problematic. At the end of the year this had reduced to 53% for both areas.

Family QoL
The main findings from the collective group feedback from parents was that a significant proportion of scores indicated improvements in terms of feeling supported and included but there were still high levels of feelings of guilt, and anxiety. These group scores were higher than on previous occasions. We are hopeful that the development of the Family Forum, which Rob Leigh, Head of Care and Family support talked about on Progress Day, will help parents to find ways of communicating with each other to help reduce these feelings. We are currently looking at the structure of our whole school days and the school website to provide events and opportunities to be able to help in this regard.

Diary date for next QoLA survey
The next opportunity to share your QoL thoughts will be on Monday 3rd of December. We will be encouraging as many students as possible to complete the questionnaire as this provides us with really useful information to be able to:

  • Plan specific support and set meaningful targets
  • Provide a focus for key working next term
  • Provide helpful information for transition planning
  • Consider the main issues to be addressed through the school’s 4 ‘Whys’ and universal provision

It is also helpful that as many families as possible also take the opportunity to share their QoL information as this helps us to:

  • Provide tailored support to individual families
  • Consider the group data for training and information sharing
  • Structure the Family Forum in a way that will be most helpful
  • Help us make the most of the whole school days when parents are in school

Actions since QoL survey

  • Student voice wall on main school corridor
  • Student consultation on items for inclusion within School Improvement Plan
  • Focus of Universal provision for Independence, Self- Management and Communication
  • Introduction of new key-working arrangements including weekly timetabled session to address individual QoL issues
  • Review of student council arrangements
  • Progress Day discussion on Family forum
  • Progress day discussion on Careers, Education and Guidance and Transitions out of school
  • Discussions on development of website
  • Changes are currently being considered to End of Term and Annual Review reporting formats