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    Supporting Schools, Businesses & Local Authorities with Autism Awareness Training

    We are delighted to be able to offer outreach advice and support to schools, colleges, businesses and Local Authorities as well as a number of bespoke training workshops for schools and colleges on a range of topics.

    The following training workshops have been developed specifically for those who support children in residential care settings and/or work in schools and colleges:


    • Autism Awareness

      This workshop seeks to raise understanding and awareness of autism.

      We will discuss diagnostic criteria then go into greater depth about the difficulties faced by children on the autistic spectrum including social communication and social interaction issues, sensory needs, managing change and behaviours of concern.

      Strategies we can use to help support children with autism in the school setting will be discussed.

      The goal of this workshop is to help those attending to ‘think autism’ and to better understand how differently they see and experience the world around them and how we can help support them in achieving to their full potential in education.

    • Autism and Mental Health

      This workshop is designed to raise awareness of the mental health needs of children on the autistic spectrum.

      The causes and risk factors associated with the development of mental health issues are discussed.

      We will also talk about mental health prevention and discuss ways of supporting the mental health needs of autistic children in education.

      The goal of the workshop is to help those attending understand that autism friendliness equals emotional well-being.

    • Understanding attachment disorders in children and adolescents

      This workshop seeks to raise awareness and understanding of attachment theory and attachment issues that might impact on a child in the school environment.

      The session includes an introduction to attachment theory and attachment types.

      We will also talk about how children with attachment disorders present in school and how we can help support children who have attachment disorders in education.

    • Understanding trauma in children and adolescents

      In this workshop we will introduce what is trauma and discuss how young children become traumatised.

      We will also think about how to support traumatised children in the school environment.

      The ultimate aim is to help those attending to understand and make sense of behaviours presented by their students in the context of their early or ongoing childhood experiences.

    • Recognising and managing anxiety in children and adolescents in the school environment

      This workshop has been developed to help raise understanding of the signs of anxiety in children and how to support anxious students.

      We will reflect on our own experiences of anxiety and think about how we cope when anxious.

      We will think about triggers to heightened anxiety and how we can help reduce and manage anxiety in the school environment.

    All training sessions are delivered by our Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Chris Morrell.

    Dr Chris Morrell is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Health Psychology and a  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Universities of Coventry and Warwick.

    He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPS).

    Dr Morrell has worked at Swalcliffe Park School for many years providing advice and consultation in his specialist area of autism.   Dr Morrell has a lead role in the school’s Autism Assessment team and offers training on behalf of the school.  Dr Morrell has delivered training and workshops at many schools and colleges in the West Midlands.

    Prior to joining the team at Swalcliffe Park School, Dr Morrell worked for the NHS for nearly 15 years.   The last 9 years were spent working for Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Worcestershire.  In his time working for the NHS, Dr Morrell’s work focused specifically on assessing and supporting children and adolescents on the autistic spectrum and with learning difficulties and learning disabilities.

    He has facilitated adolescent Asperger clinics, sibling groups, taken a lead role on the neurodevelopmental assessment team and was responsible for assessment and diagnosis of social communication conditions.  He also took a lead role in developing an award-winning disability service within Worcestershire CAMHS.

    To book a workshop contact Khingorani@swalcliffepark.co.uk

    Training Workshops

    Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and includes an hour long presentation/workshop followed by Q & A session.

    Fees for Workshops

    Each workshop costs £195.00.

    If two workshops were to be combined and delivered on the same day then the cost would be £350.00

    Booking a Workshop

    To book a workshop, please contact Khingorani@swalcliffepark.co.uk

    “I just wanted to thank you for today’s training session. It was very powerful and I think the main topic of conversation in the staff room tomorrow will be attachment theory.”