Developing and enhancing our outdoor recreational provision.

We are very fortunate to be situated in an area of outstanding beauty in North Oxfordshire.  Set in some 20 acres, students enjoy playing in our small woodland, fishing and boating on the lake, climbing the fitness trail and playing ball games in our extensive grounds.

However, there is considerable scope and great potential to further develop and improve our recreational spaces so our students can derive the maximum benefit from being outdoors in nature.

We want all our students to be happy, healthy and empowered young people.  The benefits of outdoor experiences is well documented and the evidence highlights improved self-regulation, physical health, cognition and emotional well-being.

A well-designed outdoor environment can enhance focus and attention, reduce anxiety and boost self-confidence, thereby improving quality of life.


Proposed developments are for the Woodland area and include a zip wire and bike trail and for the grassland around the existing fitness trail and include swings and outdoor gym equipment.

Super Snake Swing for area near fitness trail