Let’s band together to stop bullying

Staff and students at Swalcliffe Park School are supporting ITV This Morning’s anti-bullying campaign #BEKIND

Wearing the wristband reminds us all to be kind to one another and to think about how we treat others and how our actions and words can affect them.

Will you take the pledge to stop bullying.  Watch the video

In November the students spent time thinking about how they can be kind to one another and the importance of being kind.  This is what they said…

“I helped support another student who was upset.”
“I helped everyone in Laser Tag have a nice time and everyone was happy with me.”
“I stopped to let other people pass.”
“I comforted someone who was upset and he let me take his place in a game.”

Students also watched the film below illustrated by Patrick Steele-Bodger, a talented illustrator on the Autistic spectrum, with a passion for cartoon and film.

‘Give Us A Break’ Anti-Bullying Week 2018 | AnnaKennedyOnline