Introducing the Duke of York Award

Computing and ICT is undergoing a re-boot at Swalcliffe Park School. A new course has been introduced that is backed by the Duke of York.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is similar to the D of E, only digital. Students earn badges that combine to qualify for a Bronze Award. The programme is broad, with badges to be completed in the areas of citizen, worker, maker, entrepreneur and computer gaming. Students will need to complete around 30 separate badges to earn their Bronze Award and many boys at Swalcliffe already have a good few under their belts. The iDEA organisation have recently launched their Silver Award and plan to release Gold sometime next year.

In the classroom, we have started work on computer programming using the Microbit controllers. This computing work will continue using a range of software such as Scratch; Logo; Python; Flowol; Gamemaker; Pivot; Audacity as well as traditional Office and Adobe apps.

The aim is to provide boys with a wide range of experience covering Digital (safety); Computing (programming) and ICT (more applied such as Office apps).

Certificated courses will continue as we run BTEC IT at L2 and L3 alongside a small but growing number of boys opting for GCSE Computer Science. With IT/Computing still under review we are likely to see more changes to Specs and Courses- we shall aim to respond to these changes and provide boys with the most appropriate and most engaging opportunities going forward.