In conversation with English Teacher, Denise Barstow

Anthony Stewart, (Blue group) chatted with Denise Barstow and shares extracts from their conversation:

What changes will you bring to the role?

I want to continue my predecessor’s work and work with the students to improve the English Department.


Any hobbies you enjoy doing?

Yes, I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, Scouts and yoga.


What is your favourite book?

Pride and Prejudice


Do you play any sports?

No, I don’t but I enjoy watching football.


Is there a part of the school you particularly enjoy?

The woods, I think it’s amazing that we have it as a facility.


What movie did you most enjoy seeing in cinema?

Dead Poet’s Society


What is your favourite TV show?

Sherlock, Elementary.


Why become a teacher at this environment?

Because I want to help students


What did you want to be when you grow up?

A teacher


What is your biggest achievement?

My children


Do you have any pets?

Two dogs


How is this school different from the previous you may have worked at?

Very similar as I worked a similar type of school for students with autism


If you could be on Britain’s Got Talent, what would your talent be?”

It wouldn’t be singing! Possibly reciting poetry


How do you feel about technological advancement?

I think they are useful, but it is scary to see how far it has developed


Who is your favourite fictional character?

Winnie the Pooh as it reminds me of my childhood