In conversation with Adam Gabriel,Computer Science Teacher

Anthony Stewart, (Blue group) chatted with Adam Gabriel and shares extracts from their conversation:

What changes will you bring to the role?  

New courses (iDEA) and L3 BTEC and more emphasis on computing as well as IT. 


Any hobbies you enjoy doing?  

Chess, Golf, Cycling, Gardening. 


What is your favourite book?  

“Where Wizards Stay Up Late” by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon. 


Do you play any sports?  

Golf and cycling at recreational level. 


Is there a part of the school you particularly enjoy? 

My classroom! 


What movie did you most enjoy seeing in cinema? 



What is your favourite TV show? 

Doctor Who. 


Why become a teacher at this environment?  

I have always wanted to teach at a Special Needs School. 


What did you want to be when you grow up?  

Something in business originally. 


What is your biggest achievement?  

Moving to Swalcliffe; my two daughters. 


Do you have any pets?  

We have 2 kittens.


How is this school different from the previous you may have worked at?  

My previous school was a mainstream school.


If you could be on Britain’s Got Talent, what would your talent be?”  

Avoiding tricky questions …. 


How do you feel about technological advancement? 

I look forward to what tech will bring, so long as we manage the negative aspects. 


Who is your favourite fictional character?  

Doctor Who! 


Who is your hero?  

Anyone who helps other people …