Giving it a go

The students really did ‘Give it a Go!’ this term – it was lovely to see them taking up opportunities to be physically active in fun and new ways.

One student thought that self-management should be called health and well-being as being physically active is not only good for our bodies, but beneficial for our mental health and well-being too. Being fit enables us to better regulate anxiety and stress responses, helps us to experience less fatigue, improves the quality of our sleep and ultimately improves our quality of life.

The students considered their own levels of fitness initially, with some variation in their findings from ‘I am fitter than I thought I was’ to ‘that was about where I thought I would be’; whilst others have set themselves targets to improve their fitness levels and are participating in a range of extra-curricular activities; with new core fitness weekly OT sessions on offer.

The Youlbury adventure centre trip was the highlight of the week with students participating in shelter building, aerial trek (high ropes), abseiling or the 3G swing. We saw some tremendous creativity, cooperation and problem solving in shelter building; with all students taking active roles to achieve their task. The Youlbury instructor who has worked in adventure centres in Nepal for a number of years before coming to the UK; commented on how the post-sixteen group of students in particular, demonstrated the best teamwork she had seen. On reflection; the students commented on how surprised they were at how much they learnt about each other during the task.

A number of students were very brave, attempting activities at heights outside of their comfort zones. Interestingly, increasing the body’s tolerance to stress such as through physical activity, can help to build resilience over time.

” It was great fun and I will go again next year”

” The Aerial Walk was scary and I am proud of myself for completing it”

” Next time I really want to give abseiling ago”

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