Coronavirus family briefing number 9: 15.30 Monday 30th March 2020

Coronavirus family briefing number 9: 15.30 Monday 30th March 2020
Dear families,
We hope that everyone had a good weekend and that Monday has brought some semblance of routine and normality back into all our lives, albeit with some obvious exceptions!
I would like to start by saying thank you to those who have provided feedback on the lessons we have been providing online, this has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are naturally delighted about this. It has been a steep learning curve for staff, students and many of you so well done everyone for helping to make it work so well!
The offer of feedback is still open so please continue to feel free to get in touch by contacting Rob Piner on
As I mentioned on Friday, we really would like all families to complete their Quality of Life (QoL) surveys as these provides us with really important information to be able to help you. It is though students and families completing these surveys that we are able to support individuals as well as seeing what we might be able to do for all students and families across the school.
On a separate note I am embedding a link to the school’s Independence Plus curriculum, in case you have the opportunity and desire to address some of the skills included.

If you have any questions about QoL surveys or the collection of evidence for the Independence Plus curriculum, please contact Tony Burtenshaw on

We will be in touch in the coming days with information on End of Term reports, Pathways Day and the Annual Reviews which are due to take place next term. This information will be included within these daily updates this week.
Well I think that is all we have for you today, as ever we are happy to hear from anyone with any questions, concerns or ideas we can share with other families. We really are all in this together and it is by helping each other out that we will all come though this as unscathed as possible.
Wishing you all a very pleasant Monday evening,
Kiran, Rob and Rob