Coronavirus family briefing number 14: 17.00 Thursday 9th April 2020

Coronavirus family briefing number 14: 17.00 Thursday 9th April 2020

Dear families,

We hope that you have been able to enjoy the lovely weather one way or another and hopefully we will have some more in the coming week.

Thank you to all of you who have given us the very positive feedback on the holiday activities, we are really pleased that you are finding them helpful. Talking of which, tomorrow there is a change to the schedule and the relaxation session with be replaced by a fitness session run by Les Robinson and Chris Haines …so don’t miss out on that one!

Accompanying this briefing note is the 2nd edition of the ‘well-being’ newsletter written by Dr Nikki Mills and Dr Lucy Harper (our Clinical Psychologists). This contains some really helpful advice and things to think about so well worth a read. The third edition will be out with the briefing note this time next week.

As we mentioned last week, the current situation is a rapidly changing one and so at this point in time we are unsure as to when the school will be re-opening. We will be having further meetings next week with this as the main agenda item and will keep everyone informed of decisions through the usual channels of briefing notes, website and facebook.

So until next week may we take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter and hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy.

As ever if you have any questions please feel free to email us,

Best wishes,
Kiran, Rob and Rob.