Coronavirus family briefing number 10: 19.00 Tuesday 31st March 2020

Coronavirus family briefing number 10: 19.00 Tuesday 31st March 2020
Dear families,
Sorry for the rather late running of today’s briefing note, but it has been a busy day in school, as I’m sure it has been for all of you at home. So, without further ado here are the main messages for today:
1. End of Term reports: as you might imagine it is not going to be possible to get high quality reports out to you by the end of the term. So rather than compromising on quality we will complete these during the first week of the summer term and send them out on the first Friday back. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this.
2. This week: Term is due to finish on Thursday for students, Progress day was scheduled to take place in the afternoon (please see note below). Friday was due to be a training day for staff. However, we thought it might be more helpful to you if we provide lessons on Friday morning and then follow up with keyworking sessions on Friday afternoon. We hope this better for you. Please use the key working session to discuss any issues you might be facing during the Easter holiday, so that we can see if we might be able to help in any way.
3. Pathways day: This will be rescheduled to take place on the final Thursday of the first half of the Summer Term, at the end of May. Naturally we are not sure what the prevailing conditions will be at this point in time so we will provide further information on what format this might take, closer to the time.
4. Psychology and well-being: Today we are also sending out some information from Dr Nikki Mills, one of our Clinical Psychologists. This is designed to help the whole family stay emotionally safe and healthy during these challenging times. Please click on the link here to see what Nikki is suggesting.
5. QoL: This is a great way to share with us any concerns you might have due to the current situation. If you have any questions about QoL surveys or the collection of evidence for the Independence Plus curriculum, please contact Tony Burtenshaw on

Wishing you all a very pleasant Tuesday evening, we will try and be earlier with the briefing note tomorrow!
Kiran, Rob and Rob