Coronavirus briefing update No 17 Thursday April 30th 2020

Coronavirus briefing update No 17 Thursday April 30th 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

Well here we are at Thursday again, and time for our latest briefing update. We hope that you have all had a good week and that the online lessons and activities are helping your sons to fill their days constructively and enjoyably. We do appreciate that it might not always be easy for them to stick to the daily routines but hope that they find the structure and connection with their friends and staff helpful.

I am delighted to attach the latest version of Nikki and Lucy’s wellbeing newsletter (no 5) and hope that you are enjoying the content and finding it useful. They will keep providing us with this on a weekly basis throughout the lockdown period to help us make it to the other end without becoming too stressed!

Thanks to everyone who has completed their QoL surveys, these are very helpful to us. For those who haven’t managed to do this yet, Keyworkers will be in touch to help out tomorrow.

We have had our first online meeting with Governors today, which was very positive in terms of feedback on what the school has been offering students and families. It was also very constructive with respect to planning for September. We are on course to have record numbers of students at the start of the Autumn Term and so we are busy making sure we are adding new staff to our teams and upgrading and developing the school facilities accordingly. We will provide more information on all these developments in the next edition of Headlines which will be out before half term.

Next week the Government, on May 7th, are due to review the current lockdown arrangements, and we will take their lead on how we need to think about any changes to our current arrangements. We will also be using the advice from NASS to help us gauge an appropriate way forward as their thinking is specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of schools like ours. We will provide more information on this in the briefing update next week. This will help us to think about plans for returning to school …….whenever this may be….. and issues such as Annual Review meetings and Pathways Day.

Next week is also the VE Bank Holiday on Friday 8th May. We will be providing some online activities during the day, although they might be slightly different to the usual Friday options. Please keep an eye on your emails early next week for more details!

That’s all for this week folks, we hope you are all keeping safe and healthy and as usual please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes to you all,

Kiran, Rob and Rob.