Coronavirus briefing number 18 Wednesday 6th May 2020

Coronavirus briefing number 18 Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good afternoon all,

First of all, apologies for confusing anyone with this coming out on a Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday afternoon slot. The reason for this is that we have included some information about an activity for the Bank Holiday on Friday, which we thought you might appreciate advanced notice of. We are aware that many of the boys might feel that they deserve a day off to enjoy the sunshine, but just in case they are looking for something to do please have a look at the information below:

VE Day celebrations – Art activity
In celebration of VE Day students have been invited to take part in a creative arts activity. We are going to make some bunting with triangles cut from paper showing the Union Jack. Students will need some basic materials which are listed on our Teams assignments. The result will be a garland of flags to display at home in memory of this historic day.
Resources needed: A4 white paper/ card, a ruler, pencil, scissors coloured pens/ pencils, string or ribbon. To finish this task the students will be asked to pierce two holes at the top of each triangle ready to thread through some string or ribbon.
We also have some information for you on the school’s immunisation programme, please see attached. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us about it.

I am delighted to also attached this week’s edition of Nikki and Lucy’s ‘Wellbeing’ update, which we hope you continue to find interesting and helpful. As ever, they are on hand to help if you need.

Immunisation: The school has received the following information from Fiona Singleton, Immunisation Team Lead:
Due to the covid-19 outbreak all immunisations, which are part of the School based immunisation programme eg Year 8 (HPV) and Year 9 (HPV, Td/IPV, Men ACWY and MMR if required) are currently suspended until further notice.
Please be reassured that we are committed to ensuring that all students receive their immunisations as soon as possible and once the programme has been resumed we will be in contact to let you know when and where your child can receive their outstanding immunisation(s).
All updates regarding the School based Immunisation Programme will also be posted on our website at
If you wish to speak to someone regarding your child’s immunisations please call 07769235149 or email
For further information about vaccines please go to:

I mentioned in previous updates that we will be sending out an edition of Headlines before half term and we are busy collecting stories for this. If any families would like to contribute any anecdotes or extracts from lockdown diaries, please send these directly to Denise Barstow on and she will include what she can find space for.

Next steps for school…..?
Talking of half term, this is now only 2 weeks away…frightening to think how rapidly we are progressing through the term. We are aware that we haven’t found an alternative arrangement for ‘Pathways Day’ as yet, and this is still on our agenda to do. We would like to wait and see what comes out of the Government briefing on Sunday afternoon before we make any such tentative arrangements. We will be sending out a further briefing either Tuesday or Wednesday next week, when we have had an opportunity to consider any proposals from the briefing. This may include information about when we may be able to re-open the school and under what conditions…but we will have to wait and see what the thinking is and make any proposals and decisions after this.

In the meantime, we hope you are all keeping fit and healthy and hope that you can all find some way of celebrating VE Day and all that this means to every one of us.
With best wishes,

Kiran, Rob and Rob