A new Enterprise Group

This year a new Enterprise group has been formed which will be focusing on working on small-scale projects to raise funds, which we can use for cultural trips and other activities that the enterprise students might enjoy.

During the Autumn Term, we will be making and selling items such as bags, scarves, snoods and small Christmas decorations, using items and materials purchased from charity shops, as well as donations from staff at the school. However, each term we will focus on something different, so students can learn different skills.

What exactly do we mean by enterprise? Why is it important?

Enterprise is a mind set and a skillset. Budgeting, solutions-focused attitude, accountability, and independence – these are all characteristics of the spirit of enterprise.

Why does it matter?
It matters because that is what employers want from their employees.

Employers value these skills as well as knowledge, which is why we build them into our culture and our curriculum. Enterprise and employability are at the heart of our teaching, learning and assessment. Building links between Work-Related Learning and Enterprise Education means that students can then apply and develop the skills they have learned through a project, and apply those learned skills to future careers or employment.

Enterprise activities can provide a vehicle for exposing pupils to the world of employers and business, and giving them the skills they will need for the world of work.